By TJ Fuller

In seeking truth, the internet is the most powerful tool humanity has ever had. It is also the thing responsible for spreading an unprecedented amount of lies. Traditional systems used for spreading information are breaking down as the very concept of truth is questioned. New technologies like VR/AR are now allowing physical reality itself to be questioned in ways that are sometimes entertaining and sometimes horrifying.

Paintings like Delacriox’s Liberty Leading the People, or Goya’s Third of May have clear political intent. If an artist today made such obvious statements it would be seen as gauche or naive. Effectively challenging established power structures requires more than a clear choice of conscience, it needs a technological sophistication capable of grappling with armies of trolls wielding Orwellian doublespeak. Art has always addressed alternative ways of seeing truth, and in a world of alternate realities it’s relevance is perhaps more important than ever.

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Headshot of TJ Fuller

TJ Fuller is an LA based artist specializing in computer graphics. He makes GIFs, VR/AR, mobile games, and other digital experiments. He also loves animals.

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