Superstition Sonnet

By Teri Vela
Teri Vela poem text

Author's note: The last line of the poem is from my #1 favorite Douglas Kearney lecture #WEREWOLFGOALS.

Headshot of Teri Vela

Teri Vela (she/her) is a poet, witch, and mother, born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada (a city standing on Southern Paiute traditional lands). She is the first generation of her family born in the US, and a former public interest attorney. Her publications include poetry in Honey Literary Journal, Witch Craft Magazine, Gordon Square Review and more. She is a reader for Split Lip Magazine and a former managing editor with The Seventh Wave. Her favorite food is mango in all forms: sour, sweet, spicy, unripe, sticky with rice, and so on. She is an MFA candidate at Warren Wilson College.

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