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    Actionable resources for unanswerable times

    Collective resources for learning, listening, and leaning in. The Seventh Wave deepens its commitment to and solidarity with oppressed, occupied, and marginalized people and communities worldwide. We feel, and fear, for our Jewish, Muslim, and Arab contributors as we watch, in real time, the surge in antisemitism and Islamophobia around the world — just as we have feared for our Black, Indigenous, Asian, diasporic, queer, and trans contributors, and contributors of all marginalized identities. We will continue to dedicate resources toward collective healing and solidarity. Below are a few resources, which we will continue to add to: Act. For those looking for concrete actions, a few places to donate: Save…

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    In Unanswerable Times

    A response to our impossible present. We are living between the insufficiency and violence of language. Still, words matter. Because in a single word is a world: a name, a land, a future, a home. When you string enough words together, you create a narrative. And so we know this intimately, too: narratives matter, especially the ones that are being silenced, oppressed, and erased. As we’ve seen time and again and today, narrative is the foundation — a political prerequisite — for war and genocide. No violence occurs in a vacuum. Like many others, we are feeling the shared outrage of this moment, and we are at a loss for…

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    25 questions for unanswerable times

    A continued response to our impossible present. In times of speechlessness — when either words don’t feel sufficient, accessible, helpful, or possible — we at The Seventh Wave have always turned to questions. Below are 25 questions that we’ve pulled from our past eight years, spanning calls from 16 issues and inspiring writing and art from hundreds of contributors. We have always endeavored to ask questions that are both timely and timeless, and these 25 in particular feel like they speak to this moment. Consider these questions as prompts for critical thought or even questions to help spark more words and conversations as we continue to navigate these tumultuous times,…

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    10 books by TSW writers for #TheSealeyChallenge

    If you’re doing the sealey challenge this year — reading one book of poetry per day in the month of August — and looking for a few more books to explore this month, we have 10 poetry books by TSW authors that you could consider reading this month and beyond. Sanna Wani’s debut collection, My Grief, the Sun (House of Anansi Press, 2022): “Sanna Wani’s My Grief, the Sun makes such a convincing case for astonishment as a way of life. Each poem enveloped me with so much tenderness it was as if I were the sun! The theological music that courses throughout the book was not a narrowing toward…

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