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    TSW staff picks: what we’re reading, watching, and listening to right now

    We asked our TSW staff about the stories they’re currently experiencing or revisiting. READS Yellowface by R.F. Kuang | from Sanna Wani, TSW artist-in-residence“Yellowface was just a mindfuck. A novel written by its villain, this book felt like living in the eye of the storm and watching the violence from a third-party perspective. It is knowing the thing and then looking through someone else’s eyes at it: and the thing is the entrenched racism and white supremacy of the publishing world. A lot of interesting commentary too on stories and who writes them and why. A repulsive story that you can’t look away from; a car crash where you’re strapped into…

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    Seven tips on submitting your work to TSW

    We hosted a Zoom info session earlier this month sharing seven tips on submitting your strongest work to The Seventh Wave. Below is the list of things that our selection committee looks for in the work that you submit to us for publication: We look for work with “connective tissue.” For this first tip, we shared what our Senior Prose Editor Briana Gwin said she looks for when reading submissions: “I’m interested in work that functions as connective tissue: between genres, between languages, between organisms, between the micro and the macro, between the individual and the collective; I’m interested in exploring the ways we can step outside of ourselves even…

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    How TSW curates our calls for submissions

    Hint: It’s a pretty involved process that takes several months and many brains Each issue we publish is a labor of love that begins long before we launch it out into the world. In fact, we consider every issue to officially kick off when we create a new Google doc in anticipation of the months-long process we undertake to create our call for submissions, which we call our “Featured Brains” program. Three-and-a-half months before a call for submissions opens up, we reach out to several contributors from the previous issue to gauge their interest in partaking in what we called the “Featured Brains” process. Altogether, we look to gather anywhere…

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    A timeline of TSW’s beginnings and becomings

    At The Seventh Wave, intentionality and accessibility are at the heart of everything we do. Ever since we began in 2015, we’ve endeavored to be as inclusive as possible in our offerings, staying nimble to respond to the ever-changing literary landscape. As a BIPOC- and queer-led organization, we are committed to meeting folks wherever they might be in their creative journeys, and we’ve continued to evolve in order to find a sound and sustainable way to do so. To give you an idea of where we began and how we’ve grown, here is a little timeline of our organization’s history: 2014 Nov 2014 We began as an idea Four friends…

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