Each year, we raise funds to raise 60 new voices.

The Seventh Wave would not — and does not — exist without the support of our ever-expanding community. From our contributors to our team members, our mentors to our partners and donors, we extend a heartfelt thank you.

When we first began The Seventh Wave back in 2015, we knew we were facing a daunting task: creating a community that dared to contradict the powers that be; that dared to believe in thoughtful, intentional art; that dared to dream of a different way of being. We will always place value on process in a society that so often demands product because we believe so deeply in the importance of engaged, nuanced thinking. We will always hold spaces, both virtual and physical, for individuals from all backgrounds to be in conversation with one another, as meaningful interactions — and meaningful interruptions — are foundational to everything we do.

We are a global network of individuals who understand that real, impactful change can only be made through collective effort. We are only as strong as the community we build and the company we keep.

We always say that it matters not only who’s on stage, but also who’s in the audience. So thank you for joining us on our journey, and for looking for ways to support our growing community. In order to continue doing this crucial work, we typically host two annual fundraising campaigns: one that raises funds to raise 60 new voices for the upcoming year, usually held in the summer; and a second, more community-focused campaign usually held toward the end of the year. Our fundraisers are critical to the success and longevity of The Seventh Wave, as we are not affiliated with any university, institution, or major donor. As an organization that was self-funded for the first three years, we know how far a single dollar can go. And so we thank you for continuing to support us, the arts, and our community with your likes, love, and donations.

The Seventh Wave is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible. You’ll receive a donation receipt within a week of your contribution.

Every little bit goes a long way. Thank you endlessly for your support.

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