If our calls interest you, then you interest us.

The magazine is our what, the residency is our how, and the community is our why.

We offer four ways to get involved with our community:

To submit to our magazine, you must send us the three items below. They are not optional. Submissions that do not include all three will not be considered and will be automatically declined. To submit, you will need to include:

  1. a 2–6 sentence bio;
  2. a 500-word cover letter (see below); and
  3. your submission as a Word Document or PDF.

In your cover letter, please tell us the following in 500 words or less:

  1. What are the driving forces behind your work? Tell us what your particular aesthetic and voice will bring to this issue.
  2. What are recent social issues, political decisions, or cultural mishaps that sparked meaningful conversation and inspired you to create art, write stories, or otherwise communicate your thoughts to the world?
  3. Tell us a little about what you hope to get out of this editorial process.
  4. How does your submission relate to our topic? 

Additional guidelines:

  • Genres: We accept work in all genres and forms. If there is a way for us to publish your work, we will. We welcome traditional poetry and prose, but also encourage hybrid forms, as well as visual art, performance pieces, drama, and otherwise.  
  • Length/Number of pieces: We accept prose up to 3,000 words, and up to 4 poems/pieces of art per submission.
  • Read the call: Make sure to read the call for the issue you are submitting to, as your work must be related to our topic in some way, shape, or form.
  • Fee: We charge a $7 on every submission, which covers the time it takes for our editorial staff to read and respond to every single submission. If you are unable to pay the $7 fee, we are happy to waive it, no questions asked. Please send all of the above materials to submit@seventhwavemag.com, and write “Issue XX Submission • YOUR FULL NAME” in the subject line. Please attach your submissions in Word Docs or PDF formats.
  • New Contributors Only: for our magazine, we only publish individuals once. This is to ensure we are uplifting as many voices as we can. If you are a past contributor, you are welcome to apply to our in-person residencies, which are only open to past contributors.
  • Rough drafts: It’s important to note that we welcome rough drafts, but not careless writing. Powerful work that is unfinished is entirely acceptable to us. The main requirement here is that you, the writer or artist, are ready and willing to work with our editorial team, and can commit to revising your work in time for publication.

For more information about how to submit, please visit our Submittable page.

To apply for our in-person or digital residencies, you must send us two items, with an optional third:

  1. a 2–6 sentence bio;
  2. a 700-word cover letter (see below); and
  3. optionally, a sample of your work or writing. This is optional as it is not as germane to the selection process as it would be if you were submitting to the magazine for publication; it is more for us to get to know your work.

In your cover letter, please tell us the following in 700 words or less: 

  1. Why are you interested in the _______ Residency at this point in your creative career? 
  2. Tell us about what you’re hoping to work on while at the residency. 
  3. Tell us a bit about what projects, organizations, or communities you are a part of, and what issues you want to elevate through your work, both on the page and off.
  4. Have you taken part in a writing residency or retreat before? If so, what were the circumstances (and this could be one of our residencies if you are a past resident); if not, what is your understanding, hesitation, or hope for how a residency setting functions?

For more information about how to apply, visit our Submittable page.

Personalized feedback

Too often, people send their writing out into the universe and hear nothing in return. We believe everyone deserves feedback. That’s why we provide personalized notes to those who send us complete submissions. We do not send back critical feedback, as we believe that kind of feedback requires conversation and consent. Here is what past submitters have said about our personalized feedback:

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