Diasporic Fever Dream

By Schneider K. Rancy

The river
its many
veins feeding
new shores

The cutting stone
in the riverbed :
the crux
of colonialism
is dispersion



p a r t i c u l a t e matter

each sphere

is a world

a sphere of identity

aside: how many spheres
do the post-colonized juggle?

in America you are
blickity blickity Black
but home you are Caribbean
not like
those Americans
those vakabon

because Western racism
sews itself into even
the black psyche (
see Fanon//fruitful discourse)

your tongue
is too heavy
too American
for your own language
but// you are not
the hyphenated-American
demands you be

enough hearing
the Artibonite River
thundering in your dreams
hearing in your mouth
Taíno screams

to s t r i n g yourself
across culture
is to split the flesh,
wound the sacred psyche
on barbed
existential dread

how many spheres
can you occupy(
like they occupied

let us count
the masks

or else
be all of your faces
not one — and be done
set aside
the analytical frameworks
the race/class theory
the history
of gunpowder, sugar, rain

symbols have only
the meanings we give them

& History
is a symbol
of power

Let your history be
what you shape it :
let it be that:let it be

Headshot of Schneider K. Rancy

Schneider K. Rancy is a Haitian-American graduate of Columbia University, where he studied English and Comparative Literature and Biology. His poetry has been published in Columbia New Poetry, Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine, Ars Medica, and Apogee. His novel BEYOND THE BATHS OF STARS was selected as a semi-finalist for Black Lawrence Press’s 2017 The Big Moose Prize and a finalist for the University of New Orleans’ 2017 Publishing Laboratory Contest. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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