Queer is a Verb

By Saffron Douglas

What follows are three pieces that offer up three different glimpses into Featured Artist Saffron Douglas’s exploration of queerness as an ever-evolving term, one that many within and outside of the LGBTQ community at times co-opt without fully understanding its complexities.

Headshot of Saffron Douglas

Saffron Douglas is an artist currently living in their hometown of Fort Worth, Texas. They studied ballet and contemporary forms of dance and composition at the University of North Texas. Though the world of professional dance proved dissatisfying for them after a demystifying tour of Nigeria and Germany, their years of education in the moving body have informed and influenced their other artistic practices. Through a deep understanding of how a body collaborates with gravity, Saff works to find a sense of lyricism and flow within written works, ceramic sculptures, and body healing modalities. Saff continues to pursue dance for love and pleasure and hopes that all of these practices will one day merge into singular happenings.

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