We are an artist-built organization.

Hiring is a very human process for us. Positions will remain open until they are filled.

The first thing we built wasn’t a magazine, but a community, and we did so through conversation. For a year before we published our first issue, we brought folks from disparate backgrounds together for hours-long discussions. It was thrilling to see and hear the dialogue; the kind of conversations that get under your skin and stick in your mind. The kind where issues of privacy or race arise and you find yourself arguing in a spirited exchange, spending all evening listening to other people, sharing your experiences, opposing their beliefs, and negotiating your own. And the next day, when you wake up, you realize that this entanglement created a magnetic field between all of you, fueled by the honesty of sharing emotions. That is what we wanted to imagine: an organization that inspires the art and act of opposition. We thought then: How friendly, how urgent, how intimate. And we still do today.

Over the past seven years, our organization has evolved with each issue we’ve published. With every change has come growth, and in 2020, we brought on 10 new team members. Individually, we are editors, facilitators, artists, and curators; together, we are a passionate, thoughtful team dedicated to uplifting voices within our digital magazine; building community for and with folks from historically marginalized communities; and creating more spaces for conversation to flow and flourish. 

We believe it matters who’s on the masthead just as much as it matters who we’re publishing. As such, we are very intentional about who we bring on: enthusiasm and care are key.

You’ll find our open positions below. If any speak to you, please reach out to us at info@seventhwavemag.com for more insight into what we’re looking for. Positions will be filled on a rolling basis.

One issue, half year, volunteer, past contributors and residents only.

We are looking to bring on two assistant editors to join the editorial team. Specifically, we are looking for an assistant editor in prose and an assistant editor in poetry. You will be assigned 3-4 pieces to work on over the course of three months. For each piece you edit, you will be working with an editor who will be responsible for the overall progress and publication of the piece. The editor will be the one communicating back and forth with the contributor, but you will be integral to the evolution and final form of each piece you work on, offering up suggestions and feedback for each draft. We have a two-editor rule at The Seventh Wave to ensure that every piece receives the attention it deserves. This position is only open to past TSW contributors and residents. All interested applicants should reach out and apply to info@seventhwavemag.com.

A note on payment.

While we offer some of our yearlong positions a modest stipend, it is by no means a representation of how much we value them or their time. We are, at heart, a volunteer-run organization, but we are actively raising funds for our team and general operations. In the fall of 2022, we also created a new business model for our organization that will build a more sustainable model for us. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about these changes, and keep an eye out for announcements on our bulletin, Well-Crafted. We are grateful for every form of support we have received since 2015, from all the likes, the love, the donations — and now, perhaps, your time working with us.

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