Makeshift Borders

By Nnadi Samuel
1. Casualties
Headshot of Nnadi Samuel

Nnadi Samuel is a graduate of English & literature from the University of Benin, who lives in Lagos (Nigeria). His works have been previously published in PORT Magazine, Suburban Review, Gordon Square Review, Blue Nib journal, The Elephant Magazine, Rigorous Magazine, Artifact magazine, Inverse Journal, Canyon Voices, The Collidescope, Jams & Sand magazine, Journal Nine, and are forthcoming in the The Quills, Lunaris Review, Eunoia Review & elsewhere. He won the Splendor of Dawn Poetry Contest April 2020, got shortlisted in the annual Poet’s Choice award and was the second-prize winner of the EOPP 2019 contest. His first chapbook “REOPENING OF WOUNDS” is forthcoming in the WRR publisher. He is a co-reader at U-Right Magazine, who sees poetry as a beautiful accident of language. On Twitter he is @Samuelsamba10.

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