We publish people, not pieces.

For us, the process is the point. We infuse every aspect of our editorial practice with curiosity, care, and collaboration.

When it comes to publishing, there are many ways to approach the writer-editor relationship. We care a whole lot about the person behind the piece, and the unique experiences and observations that they bring to the page. Which makes each issue of our annual literary magazine all the more textured and nuanced, each conversation that much richer in its complexity. For each issue, our contributors respond to a call for submissions that was carefully crafted and curated by a handful of our community members — past contributors, TSW team members, and the occasional guest curator. Over the years, we have seen just how expansively and incredibly folks have interpreted our calls.

You can explore our contributors’ work in two ways: in the next dropdown, you’ll find a list of everyone we’ve published since 2015, and below that, you’ll see portals into each of our issues, along with the initial call for submission that contributors responded to. We publish it all — prose and poetry, visual art, excerpts from plays, collaborations, audio stories, and even parts of academic dissertations. We’ve always believed that if we can publish it, we can work with it — so long as the piece and the creator are engaging with our topic in an interesting way. Dig into each issue in its entirety or hop around to get a feel for pieces by genre; either way, we highly suggest, in the kindest way possible, to allow yourself to get lost in the archives.

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The Cost of Waiting

What are we even waiting for, and where is the line between resting, recuperating, giving up, and irresponsible avoidance?
June 5, 2024

What are we as humans surrounded by — do we choose to surround ourselves with — and how do we situate ourselves within language?
June 22, 2023
Root Systems

How do we get back to the root of things — how can we pull up the weeds in our work to make space for new growth?
July 5, 2022
Economies of Harm

What hard truths do you need to examine about our current systems so you can see yourself more expansively in your own honesty?
November 1, 2021
Rebellious Joy

How do we claim the kind of joy that creates a rupture for passage through all the horror and despair?
April 4, 2021
Before After

To deconstruct something is not to destroy it, but to understand how it was built, part by part; what can our new narratives teach us about the reality that’s been there all along?
August 3, 2020
Actionable Storytelling

What exactly are the breaking points that force us to seek a fresh point of reference, to steer ourselves in the collective direction of healing?
February 3, 2020
Willful Innocence

How can we learn from moments of failing so that our anger, grief, and shame can propel us toward conversations and healing?
July 28, 2019
What We Lose

Are there times where we can’t compromise our beliefs because to do so would be to forfeit the core of our beings?
February 4, 2019
Power And

Who holds power in our spheres of influence and why? Can we control power, both in others and within ourselves?
July 30, 2018
In Opposition

How do we tackle conflicts of belief, and make the best use of them as a tool for understanding?
February 5, 2018
Dangerous Bodies

Who gets to define safety and fear, security and terror? Who can we trust to tell us when, where, and how we are safe?
July 11, 2017
Artificial Realities

Who can we trust to convey information to us, and how much are we actually willing to accept truths that counter our own realities?
February 19, 2017
You Are Politics

Politics is where we wake up — it is the hope that the structure that exists around us is not actively trying to destroy us.
October 10, 2016
Who Gets to Belong?

Who gets to belong? Who gets to decide? Why belong? What is worth belonging to?
August 7, 2016

The labels that are imposed upon us often serve those in power by reducing us, flattening the complexities of life. But the labels we choose for ourselves liberate us.
March 30, 2016

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