Rebellious Joy Resource Guide

By The Seventh Wave

Curator’s Note

What is rebellious joy? Who gets to practice joy? Who can afford to express it? What is the distinction between rebellious joy and the capitalist co-opted self-care movement? How can rebellious joy be a tool for decolonization? We hope this rebellious joy resource guide might serve as a starting point to answering these questions. Additionally, we hope these resources will continue and extend the rebellious joy conversation catalyzed by our Rebellious Joy Issue contributors. 

To create this guide, we asked Seventh Wave staff, residents, contributors, and community what it means to be rebelliously joyful, what rebellious joy means to them, and what books, artwork, movies, and more they recommend as starting points for learning about rebellious joy within a creative context. This guide is a curation of our community’s responses, selected and annotated by our poetry managing editor, Emilie Menzel.

The resources within approach rebellious joy from various angles, including: claiming community connection, fighting grind culture, embracing physical pleasure, sustaining activism, imagining the future in the face of oppression, fighting for the right to beauty, and claiming the right to take up space. These resources are active and social context conscientious. 

Here are our community gathered suggestions for learning about rebellious joy, organized by genre. 

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