Our voices grow together.

The Seventh Wave is dedicated to providing a platform for disparate voices to mix, mingle, collide, and complement one another.

In addition to our magazine, we also publish interviews with organizations and individuals who are questioning, exemplifying, or addressing our current topics through their work, their beings, and/or their creations. Since we first began this column in conjunction with the magazine, we have spoken with nonprofit leaders, podcast hosts, world-class athletes, teachers, professors of religious studies and sexuality, and more. We have investigated the inner workings and complexities of industries like public health, social media activism, and environmental justice, and spoken with creatives who are pushing the conversation forward through filmmaking, acting, music, painting, and the written word.

Historically speaking, the majority of our interviews have been conducted by TSW Staff. Our earlier interviews were published under the name “Side Conversations,” and so you’ll find a length and intimacy to those interviews that differ from some of our more recent interviews, which dive equally deep in terms of ideas and exchange, but read more like an interview than a transcript of a conversation. And, in the past few years, we have expanded our interview column, allowing past contributors and past residents to also publish interviews with us, which is a trend we intend on continuing. We also intend to shine a brighter light on our TSW contributors this year by interviewing them about their creative processes and practices, as so many of the people we have worked with  have their first (if not second and third!) book out there in the world today.

Want to get involved? Currently, we are accepting interview pitches from past TSW contributors, residents, and staff. If you know of someone or an organization that you feel would be great to highlight within our interviews column, please let us know by emailing us at interviews@seventhwavemag.com. Currently, we pay $50-100 per interview, depending on scope of the intended conversation.

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In the Meantime

September 17, 2020

A conversation with author Corinne Manning

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