You can make an impact wave.

Our impact is collective, and so is our funding.

The Seventh Wave is community-built, community-run, and community-funded. You can read more below about our path to here, but in short, Impact Waves is the major funding engine for our literary arts nonprofit. While we host biannual fundraising campaigns and always welcome donations and support of any size or scale, Impact Waves ensures the financial stability and sustainability of our organization. Are you someone who can help make an impact wave? We’d love to connect with you and talk about ways you can support our work, whether it be through major gifts, partnerships, professional development/consulting services, or sponsorships. There are so many ways that you can help us continue doing this crucial community work; let’s keep dreaming toward these possibilities together.   

The first thing we built wasn’t a magazine, but a community. 

When we began in 2014, we had nothing but a name, a logo, and a desire to create space for genuine dialogue and exchange. Still, we applied for a competitive grant for social impact projects and were named one of 10 finalists out of hundreds. Importantly, while we didn’t win the grant money, we did win the “community vote” phase of the grant process, so we ended up with a global fanbase of 3,000 individuals before we even published our first issue. You can read more about our beginnings here. This collective spirit has continued to guide our every decision: our community of writers, artists, and readers have helped us reach and exceed every grassroots fundraising campaign we launched since then. In 2018, we began applying for major funding from literary arts institutions, and we’re grateful to the philanthropic organizations and foundations that have supported our community-driven, cohort-based work, including the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses, ArtsWA, 4Culture, Magic Cabinet, and others. 

Over the past two years, we’ve been approached by individuals, organizations, and companies alike, asking how to get involved and support us, but we were always so heads-down in the work itself that we didn’t have the bandwidth or resources to look at how we could create a mission-driven, community-aligned giving program. But after working closely with our Advisory Board and Board of Directors this past year, we are excited to now share our major giving platform, Impact Waves, with the broader public. 

If you are someone who identifies with any of the below, we’d love to be in conversation with you. You can reach out to our Executive Director, Joyce Chen, at to begin making (impact) waves together.

  1. If you are someone who is or has been a major donor and steward of the arts, we’d love to talk to you about our current programs and scholarships, as you can single-handedly help us double our impact in communities across the globe.
  2. If you are someone who works at a company, corporation, or institution that partners with or sponsors (ie. matches fundraising efforts for) nonprofits, especially those that uplift people from marginalized communities, we’d love to connect to see how we can work together to elevate our communities’ voices.
  3. If you are someone who owns multiple properties or residences — or you are a residency program or venue — we’d love to speak with you about hosting a writers/artists residency at your property. We’ve hosted residencies for more than 8 years, and would be thrilled to bring our program blueprint to your place. 
  4. If you work at an organization that is looking to deepen its connection to its community through digital storytelling efforts, consider bringing TSW in for a professional development workshop, panel session, or as a consultant to share more about our cohort-based storytelling models, narrative frameworks, and more.  
  5. If you are looking to bring writers or poets into your classroom or book club, we’d be happy to connect, as we’ve now grown into a community of more than 300 writers, artists, and activists who are passionate about their craft and the importance of telling their stories.

All of the information below can be found on this page or on our FAQ page, but for accessibility purposes, we’ve rounded up some commonly asked questions about our Digital Residency program:

  • Why is it called a “Digital Residency” and not a class, course, or seminar? We call our program a digital residency because it is a participatory, cohort-based, form- and genre-agnostic, seven-week experience. Our sessions are not lectures or classes in the traditional senses Unlike a traditional class, we invite and expect residents to be active participants in each session: there will be plenty of prompts and free-writing sessions, breakout rooms and opportunities to get to know other residents, as well as roundtable shares where we want residents to speak from their lived experiences and perspectives. There is a curriculum for the entire program, but unlike most traditional classes, courses, or seminars, it is not tied to a specific form or single theme. We bring in poetry, prose, and experimental forms alike. And while we do zero-in on specific forms, the central goal of this program is to provide writers exposure to different types of writing. 
  • Is there a workshop aspect to this program? No. There is no formal or traditional workshop session or experience. We assume and expect residents will be working on pieces or manuscripts during their time with us, and we provide many opportunities for residents to bring their writing, questions, and obstacles into each session, but there is no designated “workshop.” The focus of this program is generative.
  • Are sessions recorded? No. To preserve the intimacy of our sessions and the privacy of information shared, we do not record any of our sessions. 
  • What happens if I can’t attend a session? And, if I know I can’t attend one of the dates, is it still worth it to apply? If you know that you can’t attend more than two sessions in advance, you may want to consider applying to a future cohort. However, if you know in advance that you can’t attend just one session, we still recommend applying, as you will receive the resource packet, continued resources, and activities/prompts from the session, so you can still go through the activities asynchronously. 
  • If I can’t make my cohort’s session for one week, can I join the other cohort’s session that week? Each digital resident will get one “Session Transfer.” Meaning, if you can’t attend one of your cohort’s sessions, you have the opportunity to join the other cohort’s session for that week.  
  • How often and how many digital residencies do you offer per year? In 2024, we are hosting two intakes — summer and fall — each with two cohorts/tracks.
  • How many digital residents do you accept per intake and/or cohort? Within each intake, we offer two cohorts, or “tracks,” as we call them. Each cohort will have 12-16 residents, and each cohort has its own “track,” or meeting date and time. For example, for our 2024 Summer Program, we will be selecting 12-16 people for our Monday cohort and 12-16 people for our Saturday cohort. 
  • Are there any differences between the two cohorts/tracks? No. This is simply for scheduling considerations. We offer two cohorts in order to offer two options for meeting days and times, as our Digital Residency is meant to bring writers from all over the world — and therefore timezones — together. 
  • Where did the curriculum come from? We commissioned poet and librarian Emilie Menzel, who is also a senior poetry editor for our annual literary magazine, to develop the continuing resources for this program, which includes 42 items — books, podcasts, platforms, published pieces, resource centers and more — to help you continue creating after each session, and most importantly, after the residency is over.  

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