The Human Trap

By Hala H. Hassan
The Human Trap‘ portrays the failure of the world to reconcile the concepts of evolution and globalization. It addresses the most troubling occurrence of our time: how people continue to be victims of war, discrimination, and border control; how people’s realities and voices are diluted, manipulated, and transformed into weapons of destruction; and how people are alienated as a result of alternative facts, cyber bullying, and virtual walls.

“Take it or leave it.” The borders trap.

“Anything you say will be held against you.” Freedom of speech.

“Aliens are not welcome.” The new scream.

Headshot of Hala H. Hassan

Hala H. Hassan is a Lebanese designer and illustrator. She is interested in design activism and how we can develop human-centered designs/innovations with social impact. Hala recently launched her personal project under the name “Randomiyyat” where she presents random ideas and experiences following the “rule of three” with images, videos and illustrations.

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