eating my way home

By Esther Hwi-Young Kim

In “eating my way home,” I pair written vignettes with photographs taken during my childhood and 2015-2017 when I lived in Korea. I invite readers into my memories as I respond to questions that have been lost–or rather, left unspoken–within my Korean immigrant family. As our intertwined journeys of migration, survival, and identity formation unfold, what parts of ourselves have we left behind? And who have we now become, as individuals and together as a family?


Esther Hwi-Young Kim is a queer Korean American writer, licensed mental health counselor, and educator based in Somerville, MA. Her current job is in clinical operations at Cartwheel Care, a telehealth startup that partners with school districts to deliver rapid access to mental health care for students and families. In addition to creative nonfiction writing and photography, Esther enjoys cooking for loved ones, biking around town, and taking naps. This is Esther’s first published work.

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