Two Poems

By Daad Sharfi
Headshot of Daad Sharfi

Daad Sharfi is a poet and immigrant rights advocate from Sudan, raised between Muscat and Chicago. She is called to the page because as Audre Lorde generously offered, poetry serves as "a bridge across our fears of what has never been before." In her work, Daad aims to write against the nation-state, to rebuild home outside its fictitious borders and make visible the joys of living in tender community even amidst struggle. She is forever grateful to her first writing community, ¡Oye! Spoken Word, for holding her words with boundless care and anchoring her to the beautiful reality of poetry as shared experience–a sacred way to create and deepen connection to one another. Her work can be found in the 20.35 Africa anthology (Vol. I), PANK magazine, Sawti, Voicemail Poems and elsewhere. Daad currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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