By The Seventh Wave

Get to know these TSW voices.

As we enter the last few days of AAPI Heritage Month, TSW is sharing 13 pieces written by Seventh Wave writers and poets that we published across our past 16 issues. In this powerful roundup, you’ll find short stories that illuminate class inequities and discrimination; poetry that sheds light on what it means to exist in liminal spaces; and essays that put voice to the simultaneous yearning and devastation inherent to living in diaspora.

These writers represent a vast array of perspectives, lived experiences, and identities, and their art is an important reminder that the AAPI identity is not a monolith. Our hope in sharing these pieces is that they will act as entry points for you to get to know some incredibly urgent, necessary talents within our TSW community.

Below, you’ll find work by the incomparable Grace Talusan, ZY Chua, jonah wu, Rabia Saeed, Grace Hwang Lynch, Dena Igusti, Vanmayi Shetty, Lisa Chen, Rashaan Meneses, Tria Wen, Dujie Tahat, Joan Li, and Jennifer Tan. Read and return to these voices often. 

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  • 1: Perception Gaps
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  • 16: Proximities
  • 17: The Cost of Waiting
  • 2: Labels
  • 3: Who Gets to Belong?
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The Haunted

Grace Talusan|
December 4, 2023

The summer before I published my first — and so far, only — book, my husband Alonso and I finally saved enough money and time to spend a week in Paris.

Three Poems

Dujie Tahat|
March 18, 2019

O bobolink. The bobolink is dead / at my door — found leaving my apartment / to school then to work. After some searching, / I guess it’s a bobolink—this lemon- / headed crow, this crumpled parachute cloth.

The Invitation

Joan Li|
February 19, 2018

Mr. Dai called to inform his wife that he would be leaving directly from work to pick their daughter up from the airport this evening, so Mrs. Dai would have to buy the fish herself.

In Less Than 365 Days

Jennifer Tan|
May 27, 2016

I knew a lot had changed in my part of town since I left because cafes had cropped up all over the place, like small checker pieces from other boards migrating over to ours.

Throughout the year, you’ll continue to find pieces like this that celebrate our community of voices. If you’re looking for more resources or writing from AAPI writers, check out CLMP’s roundup, “A Reading List for Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month.

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