Rest Begets Rest: Community Postcards

By Bianca Ng

We are thrilled to introduce the featured artwork for Issue 13: Rebellious Joy, which was designed by Bianca Ng, TSW’s 2020-2021 Artist in Residence. The featured artwork, which culminates in a set of 20 postcards and 1 poster, was based on 16 hours of conversation, and originated with an essay, “rest begets rest”. You can also read more about Bianca’s process on her website.

In true Bianca fashion, her process was as collaborative as the form: when she set out to create the featured artwork for this issue, she began in the blank space of ideas with a personal essay — a meditative inquiry — into the history of her relationship with rest.

I always find myself asking questions I never have any answers for, but the process of inviting others into my questioning has been gratifying. Through conversations, I’m able to uncover some tiny understanding for myself that feels true. Each conversation helped inform my essay, final art piece, and perspective.
—Bianca Ng, 2020-2021 TSW Artist in Residence

At the same time, Bianca conducted 16 conversations with current TSW staff members and Issue 13 residents and contributors. While those discussions chiseled the shape of Bianca’s own thoughts on the value and urgency of rest, Bianca also curated original artwork influenced and inspired from the medley of perspectives.

When I first set out to manifest a project about the radical importance of rest, I felt overwhelmed with research and thoughts. The hardest part was trying to make sense of what I wanted to convey and narrowing down the most poignant quotes from the various conversations. I went from 35 to 8 pages of quotes; it was painstakingly difficult because each conversation contained so much wisdom.
—Bianca Ng, 2020-2021 TSW Artist in Residence

The outcome is a limited edition set of twenty 5×7″ postcards and one 10×16″ risograph-printed poster — a visual symphony of the art and act of rest — featuring words and inspirations from Sara Yinling Post, Jennifer Perrine, Lauren Mallett, Miguel Barretto Garcia, Rachel Edelman, sheena d, Alysia Gonzales, Sarah Ghazal Ali, Swastika Jajoo, Teri Vela, Nanya Jhingran, Briana Gwin, Emilie Menzel, Briana Gwin, Bretty Rawson, and Joyce Chen.

Headshot of Bianca Ng

Bianca Ng (she/her) is a Cantonese American visual storyteller and facilitator, creating brave spaces for BIPOC folk to affirm their intersectional identities and creative voices.

She began her career in NYC as a designer working at an award-winning branding studio and a fortune 500 company before becoming the Creative Director for The Cosmos, an intentional online & offline community for Asian women. With The Cosmos, she helped produce the first large-scale summit and curated marketplace celebrating local Asian women artists, brands, and small businesses in the tri-state area.

Her work has been recognized by the Type Directors Club and featured in People of Craft, Ladies, Wine & Design, and more.

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