harmer/harmed: an interactive zine

By Bianca Ng

We are thrilled to introduce the featured artwork for Issue 12: Before After, which was designed by Bianca Ng, TSW’s 2020-2021 Artist in Residence.

One part personal essay, one part journal, and one part mirror, harmer/harmed is an interactive zine that looks back, in, and at the space that exists between apologies. Who are our apologies really for? In true Bianca fashion, this zine is a work of art on the act of words, showcasing her ability to dig up deep truths, untangle the past from the present, and imagine new ways of being with others. At a time when blame seems to be in the air we breathe, this 44-page zine asks the gentle but difficult questions of the pasts we do and don’t remember. It is a visual negotiation between the boundaries of self and other, and interrogates the behaviors, habits, and harm we knowingly and unknowingly inherit, as well as pass on.

This is a one-time, limited edition print run of 100 copies. You can also order one from our online store, see a preview below, or see a full PDF version on Bianca’s website. Pro tip: we highly encourage you to get a little lost in her other projects.

Headshot of Bianca Ng

Bianca Ng (she/her) is a Cantonese American visual storyteller and facilitator, creating brave spaces for BIPOC folk to affirm their intersectional identities and creative voices.

She began her career in NYC as a designer working at an award-winning branding studio and a fortune 500 company before becoming the Creative Director for The Cosmos, an intentional online & offline community for Asian women. With The Cosmos, she helped produce the first large-scale summit and curated marketplace celebrating local Asian women artists, brands, and small businesses in the tri-state area.

Her work has been recognized by the Type Directors Club and featured in People of Craft, Ladies, Wine & Design, and more.

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