Anthologies 2023


We're giving the editorial keys to curators.

In an era when we’re seeing literary magazines closing their doors, TSW is dedicated to building more platforms for our communities’ voices.

The Seventh Wave is thrilled to launch Community Anthologies, which allows us to double the number of people we publish per year. Think: special issues, folios, digital zines, mini series. Each year, we give the editorial keys to four curators — writers, artists, or editors — to create their own digital issue, showcasing the work of seven artists/writers in each, publishing a total of 28 additional voices per year. These Editors-in-Chief work in a cohort together, supporting each other as they curate their own call/topic, work with their seven contributors, and publish their anthology. We call them “community anthologies,” because that’s what they are: an anthology of community, conversation, and voice. 

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Applications for our 2024 EIC Cohort are now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted applications. You will be notified by end of April. Applications for our 2025 cohort of EICs will open in February 2025. 

On Permanence • Curated by Briana Gwin

Madeleine Bazil • Savannah Bowen • Sionnain Buckley • Amy Rose Lafty • Erin Langner • Natasha Loewy • Tina Lentz-McMillan • Jeni PraterTeri Vela
“Maybe you are like me, and you’ve been thinking a lot about permanence.”

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