We asked 28 writers over 10 issues and 5 years to take us behind the scenes and into the depths of their beginnings.

You’ll read about heartache, legacy, and representation, and why it matters who our contributors are creating for. What unites them all is an indelible dedication to their craft, and to understanding the impact and the role of their words in the context of the worlds around them. This anthology pulls back the curtain on creativity, and shines a light on what it means to be an artist today.Get your copy of “WE KEEP BEGINNING: an anthology on process” today.

The magazine is our what,
the residency is our how, and
the community is our why.


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  • 1: Perception Gaps
  • 10: Willful Innocence
  • 11: Actionable Storytelling
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  • 13: Rebellious Joy
  • 14: Economies of Harm
  • 15: Root Systems
  • 16: Proximities
  • 17: The Cost of Waiting
  • 2: Labels
  • 3: Who Gets to Belong?
  • 4: You Are Politics
  • 5: Artificial Realities
  • 6: Dangerous Bodies
  • 7: In Opposition
  • 8: Power And
  • 9: What We Lose
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In Unanswerable Times

The Seventh Wave|
November 1, 2023

A response to our impossible present. We are living between the insufficiency and violence of language. Still, words matter. Because…

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